Self Portrait David AnsteyAnsteyville.com is a display of my personal photography along with some personal reflections.  I am fairly new to photography having picked up the hobby only a few years ago in my late forties.  I shoot mostly in digital with entry level gear but recently started shooting B&W 35 mm film with a Spotmatic and some medium format with a Mamiya RB67 system.  Perhaps not surprisingly, some of my favourite photographs have been day to day captures taken with my Samsung S6 cellphone.

I am at the stage where I have learned the basics of photography and composition.  I shoot for my own enjoyment and post some work on Flickr however my interest is in producing prints worthy of hanging on my living room wall.  I am working to develop my own style and have learned I value gritty captures of real life over technical perfection.  I am attracted more and more to the timelessness of film.