Geometry - Copyright David Anstey

During the summer of 2019 I shot mostly black and white film. I experimented with Ilford XP2 for the first time and put a number of rolls through my Canon EOS 650 and Canonet 28. Ilford XP2 is processed in C-41 colour chemistry which is available almost anywhere. It can be rated at speeds of 100 to 800iso without changing development.

The film produces photographs with beautiful tonality and is quite sharp. It isn’t a film with tons of grain. While this is a plus for some I do admit to liking some grit in my photographs.

I will continue using this film in my Canonet 28. The Canonet is a fixed lens rangefinder which can produce sharp images which pair well with this film. Being fully automatic it is a great summer fun camera and Ilford XP2 is a versatile summer fun film.

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