Tree at Wigwam Point

Tree At Wigwam Point
Tree At Wigwam Point

Tree at Wigwam Point was my favourite capture of 2018.

I am a lover of minimalist photography, especially the work of Michael Kenna.  While I do not consider my photography worthy of comparison I am inspired by the beauty of his work and his ability to reduce his captures to their bare essence.

Kenna is also known to continue a photography study for years and many of his projects have spanned decades.   I am struck by the ability of a sole tree to shape and define a landscape.  Tree at Wigwam Point has inspired me to seek out and capture more such trees over the years and I hope to create a zine at some point to tell their story.

The photograph was made with the android Lenka app on my Samsung Galaxy S6 cellphone which confirms yet again the old adage: “The best camera is the one you have with you”.  The Lenka app was designed by minimalist photographer Kevin Bosch and the power of the B&W photography app is in its simplicity freeing you to focus just on your subject.  The capture was further processed in Gimp with primarily some burning.  I have admired the dodging and burning processes of some of the masters and have come to appreciate the extent to which they would use the darkroom techniques to strengthen their work.